Case study – LSPT


Lewis Squadrito


Personal Training


Cross-platform workout assistant, creation tool, and calendar editor for personal training.


Backend development with Node.js and Firebase integration, front-end development with React.js and Flutter.
“Dominic is a hard working, passionate and collaborative web developer. I have contracted Dom for the past 12 months to help develop an online platform for my athletes.
Dom has done a spectacular job, always open to any changes or tweaks needed. He also brings his own ideas to the table to collaborate and provide the best possible service. I would recommend Dom to anyone looking to set themself apart with their website or other related work.
Dom is also very accommodating to the needs of his clients, I am highly dyslexia and struggle with setting up usernames and accounts for my clients. Early on Dom was happy to help clarify and fix my issues without a complaint or additional cost.
He also takes time to sit down and teach his clients how to navigate different elements of his development and related websites. I will be happy to work with Dom on all of my projects present and future.”
~ Lewis Squadrito

The Challenge:

Lewis Squadrito is a local personal trainer who suplemented his in-person training with workout descriptions and videos that he sent to clients as PDFs. He wanted a way to make this process easier.
He came to us with the idea of creating a portal where he could edit a calendar for each client and they could log-in to see it. He also wanted to be able to create workouts more easily and give his clients a step-by-step follow through as they completed them.
Each workout consists of seperate exercises which can placed in loops, warm-up cool-down sections, etc. Lewis can replace choose replacements for each exercise which allows the user to swap them out within the workout if needed.
Overtime the app evolved adding features like reviews and online subscriptions using Stripe.

Website – admin

The admin website for Lewis has 3 main tabs; Users, Exercises, and Workouts. Each one allows him to create and manage various data throughout the project.
They also each include their respective editors for example the Users tab features a calendar editor.
I built this page with React.js and CRA.

Website – users

The user site allow users to view their calendars and the workouts attached. They can also view their account, subscription etc.
Other than the user’s personal training, I also created tools such as a pace calculator availiable on the site.
I built this page with React.js and CRA.

Mobile app

The mobile app was added later as a feature to the project. It gives mobile users a more streamlined interface and integrates seamlessly with their web accounts.
This includes features like audio feedback and background workout player.
I built the app with Flutter and it is available to clients on ios and Android.

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